Providing real access to justice for victims of corporate misconduct

Claims Funding Europe Limited is a litigation funding company based in Dublin, Ireland. We specialise in funding large multi-party cases. Claims Funding Europe is currently funding some of the largest multi-party litigation cases in the world including:

– litigation in the Netherlands on behalf of shareholders of Steinhoff International Holdings NV;

shareholder claims in Japan arising out of the Toshiba accounting scandal;

the largest cartel damages case ever commenced in Europe on behalf of customers that were overcharged as a result of the air cargo cartel; and

– litigation brought on behalf of victims of the 1997-2011 European truck cartel.

Litigation funding enables the victims of corporate misconduct to seek reparation without the risks, costs and inconvenience of managing the litigation themselves.


Access to Justice

Many individuals and companies with legitimate legal claims do not pursue them because of the high cost and other risks associated with litigation. By agreeing to assume the risk and paying all the costs, Claims Funding Europe is providing access to justice for parties with genuine claims.

Better Corporate Behaviour

By underwriting actions on behalf of the victims of corporate misconduct, we help raise standards of corporate behaviour.

Eliminate Unmeritorious Claims

We carefully scrutinise the many cases that are brought to us and we only agree to fund a very small percentage of them. Our thorough due diligence ensures that only cases that have substantial merit and good prospects of success are selected.

Advocate Changes to Law

We regularly make submissions to relevant bodies such as the European Commission and the UK Civil Justice Council to facilitate access to justice.


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