We provide real access to justice for victims of corporate misconduct

Claims Funding Europe Ltd. is currently funding some of the largest multi-party litigation cases in the world.

Claims Funding Europe is a litigation funding company based in Dublin, Ireland. We specialise in funding large multi-party cases.

Litigation funding enables the victims of corporate misconduct to seek reparation without the risks, costs and inconvenience of managing the litigation themselves.

Access to justice

By assuming the cost and risk, Claims Funding Europe provides access to justice for parties with legitimate claims who may not wish to, or be able to, fund them.

Eliminate Unmeritorious Claims

Our thorough due diligence ensures that only cases that have substantial merit and good prospects of success are selected for litigation funding.

Better Corporate Behaviour

We help raise standards of corporate behaviour by underwriting actions on behalf of victims of corporate misconduct. If companies that exhibit poor behaviour are forced to pay money to their victims, their standards will improve.

Strategic Partners

We understand the risk and costs of litigation. We add value beyond funding to our clients' own legal team.

World class backing and expertise

We are owned and advised by Australia's premier class actions firm Maurice Blackburn, and International Litigation Funding Partners

Maurice Blackburn has been on the frontier of complex litigation in Australia since 1919.

Maurice Blackburn has recovered more than $2.5bn for class action group members since 1998.

The team

Our team has the resources and track record to oversee large and complex cases in a diverse range of areas.

Senior Investment Manager
General Manager
Investment Manager
Client Services Manager

Claims Funding Group operates in Europe, Canada, Australia and globally.