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Maurice Blackburn

We are owned, staffed and advised by Australia's premier class actions firm Maurice Blackburn and International Litigation Funding Partners.

Maurice Blackburn is an Australian law firm founded in 1919 by Maurice McCrae Blackburn. He was a distinguished lawyer and a member of State and Federal Parliaments.

From the very beginning, the firm fought cases involving civil liberties underprivileged groups and the rights of ordinary people. Maurice Blackburn's belief in fighting for the rights of its clients continues to this day and is reflected in the cases and the principles by which the firm operates and its results. Maurice Blackburn employs over 1100 staff and is Australia's premier class action law firm.

Maurice Blackburn has recovered in excess of $2.5 billion Australian dollars in damages on behalf of the victims of corporate misconduct. For more details, please visit the Maurice Blackburn website.

Claims Funding International

Claims Funding International is a litigation funding company founded and incorporated in Ireland in 2008. The aim of the company is to identify, manage and resolve multi-party and other significant legal claims. Claims Funding International commenced the litigation against the perpetrators of the air cargo cartel in 2010.

In 2012, a new entity was formed called Claims Funding Europe Ltd. which has now taken over the supervision and funding of the Air Cargo case.

Claims Funding International is still very much involved in litigation funding worldwide. It is currently funding a number of Canadian class actions including cases against Ford and Fiat Chrysler.

International Litigation Funding Partners

International Litigation Funding Partners is a Singaporean based funding company that works closely with Claims Funding Europe’s long-term partner, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers. 

Since its formation in 2006, the company has been involved in funding landmark class actions including shareholder cases against NAB, Multiplex and QBE class actions, each of which settled for more than $100 million. 


BarentsKrans is a highly regarded Dutch law firm located in The Hague and with particular expertise in multi-party anti-trust and securities litigation. The firm is known for high-quality service and has extensive experience working for international clients. BarentsKrans' litigators have been repeatedly involved in cases leading to landmark decisions and are used to working as part of teams in the context of multi-jurisdictional litigation. For more information about BarentsKrans, click here.

The legal team includes Willian Schoneville, Martijn van Maanen, Joost Fanoy and Jan-Willem de Jong. To see their complete profiles, click here.