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European Air Cargo Cartel

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Claims Funding Europe and BarentsKrans are working on behalf of hundreds of firms to prosecute cartel damages claims against airlines that participated in a global air freight cartel between December 1999 and February 2006.

The existence of the cartel has been repeatedly established by the European Commission, and competition authorities in North America, Asia, and Australia. In November 2010, the European Commission fined eleven airlines a total of €799 million for participating in the cartel. When the original decision underlying the fine was annulled, the European Commission issued a new decision that upheld its findings that the cartel had breached European Competition law and imposed a new fine of €776 million. Many airlines have acknowledged their involvement in the cartel.

The members of the cartel are liable for damages under civil law. The Claims Funding Europe claim was commenced in September 2010 and seeks compensation for parties that were injured by the cartelists’ conduct when they overpaid for airfreight transport services.

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